Relatively Quiet Long Weekend

´╗┐Relatively Quiet Long Weekend

Vernon RCMP say the long weekend was relatively quiet because they worked with Conservation Officers cracking down at camp sites around Mabel Lake Friday night.

Spokesperson, Gord Molendyk says they found four major parties with 50 to 250 people. Officers attended the parties prior to people becoming overly intoxicated. They gave warnings and reminders of the offences of drinking and driving. They then set up a major check stop on Mabel Lake FSR at 14.5 km marker and over 20 vehicles were checked. They also noticed numerous people on foot walking along Mabel Lake Road with open liquor; this was disposed of at the scene. Molendyk says everyone involved felt the proactive policing and the very high visibility and help prevent any significant issues from taking place in the area.

On Saturday May 18th officers from Enderby responded to a report of a vehicle crashing just in front of a home in the 2300 block of Mabel Lake Rd. One man was seen running from the scene through the owner’s property. A short time later a second car pulled up and the occupants began searching for the suspect who the crashed vehicle. Police say it turns out the 19 year old suspect took the vehicle from a nearby campground. The suspect was arrested a short distance away by our officers for breach his conditions of not to consume. The suspect was wet when officers located him like he had run in water. He has been released on Promise to appear.

On Sunday May 19th at about 8:15PM one of the Bylaws officers was on duty in the downtown core and noticed a police officer at traffic stop on 33rd St in the 3200 block. The bylaw officer noticed 2 men and a woman get out of the vehicle, so he pulled his vehicle over to assist as he recognized the men and knew them to have bit of a violent history. Police say shortly after his arrival two of the people, the female driver and one of the men began yelling at the police officer. The bylaws officer assisted the police officer in cuffing the female driver while keeping the other agitated passenger at bay. Shortly after this started a second police officer arrived to help deal with the two men in the vehicle. RCMP say the woman continued to scream and yell and kick the police car door damaging it. She was taken to cells and the man was later released when he had calmed down. The second man was also let go on his way as he remained calm during this road check. The 21 year old Vernon woman is expected to face charges of mischief and she has issued a 90 day IRP. Molendyk says again this shows the working relationship that the police have with bylaw officers in the City of Vernon.

Also over the weekend the Traffic members assisted with the 95 year old Falkland Parade.

After the parade a motorcycle decided to draw a happy face on Hwy 97 in Falkland with the tires of his bike by burning a little rubber. The Traffic member who was also on a bike, saw the stunting and conducted an investigation. The driver provided a breath sample which he blew under the legal limit. He was issued a ticket for the traffic offences.

Another Traffic member in Falkland called the ambulance as a cyclist who was conducting repairs to his bike and managed to slice off the tip of a finger.

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