Police to auction off seized goods Saturday

“that’s what we call an East Coast dory, asserted Ian Wightman, Manager of the calgary police property office, On wed.

“It was washed up on the shore and to a tree in False Creek and seized by the marine squad. We’ve had people say they’d like to have it and it will probably go for a couple of hundred dollars,

“There are some boxes of maple syrup, Chuckled Wightman. “Where that hails from who knows? It was probably taken from some tourist place in Gastown and it gets wrapped up in some research and ends up in our property office,

Wightman expected the auction will raise around $200,000. The money goes back into the town’s general revenue.

“i usually say it goes toward digging a hole in Oak Street, rumoured Wightman. “Or this year maybe to paying down the Olympic Village, Although we aren’t going to raise that kind of money,

The most valuable item in this year’s auction is the diamond pendant. Auctioneer Rob Kavanagh of Able Auctions predicted it will sell what i needed $5,000.

“There are many nice bikes and we have way more jewelry this year, Rolex watches, Diamond rings and much much more gold, he said.

“We’ll probably get the best way to because everybody wants a deal. saturday and Friday. Saturday and will run for longer than five hours,