Out of the top five top selling Rolex watches this year

close to everybody has heard of Rolex watches. to be able to, us don’t own one, But we recognize the name and the flamboyant watches when we seen. Rolex watches come from switzerland, The world famous land of clocks and watches, comes and gears. curiously, they really got their start in England before moving the company to Geneva in 1912. Rolex engineering is recognized for its highquality and precision time pieces, Which are a luxury item because of their high prices and low supply Rolex invented the first waterproof watch in the 1920s. Rolex sells about 700K watches per annum, appealing to several billion dollars in sales. just how much do Rolex watches cost? Sold largely through jewelers and classic dealers, Rolex watches sell from $4000 to $40,000, belonging to the average Rolex fetching around $78K.

Best Rolex designer watches:

RECOMMENDED Rolex has an amazing name in the watch industry one included in class and precision timeware. One of their best selling watches is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date TwoTone Steel Mens Watch 16613BK which costs about $7000. The Rolex YachtMaster Mens Watch 16622 is another top rated Rolex. They are beautifully made and well worth the cost. We have recently read in the Wall Street Journal how people are choosing jewelry and watches as a way to spend their money versus putting it into stocks and shares which can be very volatile. A Rolex watch is a great investment and certainly holds its value over time quite well. You can browse the top selling Rolex watches here. Don’t overlook the ladies watches. Rolex also makes a complete line for women and they are generally a very elegant piece of jewelry in our minds. you’ll find a few under $4000, But most are priced well over $5000. when, Women love fine jewelry and watches tend to hold their value. They make a great gift and are often handed down from generation to generation in families.