Not ready to retire

“Personally necessary believe in yourself. I would not play the game if I did not think I could still do it. and not only just as a fourthline player. my goal is to get back and contribute with this team as I feel like I can.

“That’s what I want to do now. Next year I restarted and prove I can do that,

general manager Jim Rutherford said today that “totally was cast in stone” When it came to next year’s roster except for Eric Staal and Cam Ward being the “makeup foundation of the franchise,

Rutherford said Brind’Amour needed to experience a strong training camp before next season, And said that with the Canes’ strength at center he would have to earn a position.

“golf club back slowly his point in his career, Rod’s been slotted into a spot, Rutherford suggested. “There’s a dash of a logjam there. There will be a battle in training camp and through season to see who gets those extra minutes.

“But he’s in the right mind set, He’s not going to get over an injury this summer, And he’ll get equal opportunity just like all the others,

Rutherford said there has been no discussion about Brind’Amour giving up the “g” As team captain.

“No one has brought that up and I don’t think it’s going to an issue going forward, Rutherford referred to.

This past season was very trying of Brind’Amour’s career. Coming off major knee surgery inside 200708 season, He needed another surgical procedures on the knee just before training camp. He struggled with his game before sitting out matches with a groin injury in early February, And at times was used as the Canes’ fourthline center, With discount minutes.

“It was an extremely frustrating start of season, he explained. “without a doubt, 50 on-line games, Or 60 pastimes, It just didn’t seem get started tha way I wanted to,

But Brind’Amour was successful during the Canes’ stretch run to the playoffs. His work ethic remains as strong as a person’s in the league. He’s still a site in the locker room and a leader.

“A real fantastic finish, he explained. “within the last few 20 games, I felt decent. I think I had almost a point a game one more 20 games. So which were where I felt I fit in, And the team was winning. We got on a run and I was yielding,

Despite his incidents, Brind’Amour played 80 games this season. He closed with 16 goals and 35 aides, But with a minus23 rating this led to grating, That stung his self-importance.

Brind’Amour broke his nose early in the growing season and kept playing. He took a puck with a backlash in overtime of Game 7 against the Boston Bruins, Got sewn up and kept playing.

“We went through the first round (Against nj) And did surely, he explained. “Then at the end, My feet went right from under me, personally,

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After the very challenging season he just had, I’m sure he doesn’t want that to be his swan song. My hope is that we see Rod back healthy and playing the way we have grown accustom to. If he is doing, Our team just got that greater. If it turns out that father time has caught up to him, I’m sure he has the dignity to walk away at that time.

Good point Otag1 about Rod being there to counselor Sutter. Brandon, Although I don’t see as a big bothersome producer, can be quite a Brind’Amour type player defensively. Who better to learn from than Rod himself?

No doubt he was hampered by injuries at least coming in to the season. And since it’s common for players for losing weight during the season due to the grind of a long schedule I don’t doubt he never fully recovered. And when you play on a injured leg long enough to qualify you start to create bad habits. The real issue is that Brindy is such a gym rat that I don’t believe he ever allowed his knee to heal from when he blew it out last season. He ended up tearing some meniscus in his knee before the season started and then had a groin strain due to going back too soon from that surgery. He is one player who actually needs to back off ideal to start sometimes. If he gives the proper recovery to his body over summer months, Then trains hard but within his body’s limit he should returning fit as a fiddle. Then we can all see if he is established. His massive selection makes him hard to bet against.

The Captain will return pick up, The time off between now and the start of training camp will be the prescription needed for this warrior’s knee to totally heal. Many players after major injuries do not perform again at their preinjury level through to the second year, without regard to age or sport. Rod would certainly earn his ice time, Expect he will work to center the third line if not the second, also with special teams and faceoffs. Jussi, so long as we sign him, And in my opinion,in my we will, Can then play as a forward giving us a backup target the roster, In this role he provides some of the size, strength we need at the forward position. Sutter can on occasion earn, And he have to earn the roster spot to center the fourth line. Rod contributes to the team as the captain in ways that are not always apparent to us fans. I can be Brandon Sutter’s seat next to Rod’s in the dressing room. that way Rod can help season the young center leading by example. Perhaps have Walker or Gleason on the other hand.

the issue is not his age, His work ethic or his midst (a person where he stands). The true problem is that for most of the season he tinkered with fear of being hurt again and did not forecheck offensively, Did not touch anybody defensively and as a concequence when he tried to play with that “Finess” He became a defensive the liability. He has been here for a specified duration to know how JR is and will possibly do.

I realize its time for the Rod to sail away into the sunset. To hang on as a reserve fourth line player only tarnishes his rather thriving career. I also think that it would get better because of the teams health if he retired. Rod Brind Amour is one of only a bit of players that “held” option to workout extremely hard and not affect his game. Too many young players have come along and tried to edit like Rod, Only to injure their business. I still insist that the bond with trainer Pete Friesen needs to end. I dont see teams like Detroit losing associated with man games lost to AVOIDABLE injuries like groin pulls. Petes methods to train are not generally geared toward NHL hockey.

All teams go through the injuries including Detroit and to say that working out means that somebody will get hurt is pretty sad (Oh wait maybe that’s how Lindstrom and Pavel got hurt or Havlac. don’t worry the 6’3″ 230 lbs guys pounding you everytime you touch the puck!)

inform: Get outof the couch and play a sport,

I liked what Jim Rutherford had to say of Brind’Amour when he stated that with Staal, Cullen, Jokinen, as well as Sutter, The center position players are generally and that the Hurricanes would evaluate Brind’Amour as they would any other player. I feel certain Brind’Amour wouldn’t need it any other way for next year. very easily fantastic if Brind’Amour’s play next year returns to his preinjury form. that is definitely understandable that Brind’Amour’s knee injuries required more than a year to recuperate.