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This one of a kind pocket watch houses original clock technology with Egyptian pillars. It uses a Verge Fusee escapement, which is the oldest known type of mechanical escapement, dating back to the 14 th century. The huge case shows off a pierced and engraved design in silver, with all its original parts. This pocket watch is also a quarter repeater, with a gong chime on the bell inside. This puts this piece among the oldest known with a functional repeater and bell system. Buy It Now Add to watch list 2009 Nissan Skyline R35 GTR OEM Double sided Dry Carbon VIS Hood w Hood Pins $2,612.50

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This is what we have here. In the 1960s Cartier decided to spread the love (for strategic reasons, obviously) and sell a few out of house brands, IWC was one of them. Many of you are thinking, “Hey, aren’t IWC and Cartier owned by the same company anyways?” and yes they are, today. But the Richemont group even form until 1988 and they didn’t acquire IWC until the year 2000, so at the time this watch was sold, they were in no way connected. Buy It Now Add to watch list Antique Art Deco 18 carat white gold diamond sapphire double clip brooch pin $3,499.00

In the early 1920s Cartier formed a joint company with Edward Jaeger (of Jaeger- LeCoutre ) to produce movements solely for Cartier. Thus was the European watch & clock company born, although Cartier continued to use movements from other great makers. Cartier watches can be found with movements from Vancheron Constatin, Audemars-Piguet, Movado and LeCoutre I’d say my favorite classic wristwatch is the Movado Polyplan. I think it was patented or created in about 1912, and from what I understand they made them into the mid-1930s, but very few of them. I’ve owned a bunch over the years and have sold some to the Movado Museum.

Another difference is the small writing on the bottom of the dial, the writing that says “Swiss Made” on the original watch. However, the replica doesn’t feature that writing, but it is so small people wouldn’t probably notice it and just a watch connoisseur would realize that it is a replica. Another difference can be seen on the chronographs and it’s nothing related to the numbers printed on them, but something about the overall look they have. It seems that the chronographs on the original watch stand out more because they are engraved in the face of the watch, rather than just painted like on the replica watch.