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Crude Cheapos – These watches cost about $7 to make and use Chinese made movements. The cases are badly machined, parts are often stamped metal and the dials have fuzzy numbers, the hands are clunky and they have mismatched date windows. These watches almost always have quartz movements. The good news is they run OK and they’re really cheap – under $50. The bad news is that no one, even your blind Aunt Millie will think they’re authentic Rolex timepieces. You’ll find these Chinese fakes being sold on the street with strange names on the dials like Folex or Rolexx. Our advice is to stay away from these cheapos.

This is one of the replica watch sites that never fail to offer great discounts and deals that are really hard to snob. eWatches Now has a new deal that allows you to get a 15% discount for two or more purchased items. There’s also a free shipping coupon promo that is available for a limited time only. When it comes to products, this site offers the cheapest and high-quality replica Rolex watches. Audemars Piguet all diamonds used in carefully selected, regardless of color or clarity are superior level to really perfect. Then by experienced craftsmen meticulously inlaid jewelry, at the precise time management, filling your extraordinary charm and grace.

Let’s face it, for under $1000 you’re not getting a solid gold watch, no matter what the ads say. With gold is trading north of $600 an ounce, you can’t expect more than gold plating on a replica. But since you’re expecting gold plating, how do you know what’s the best. Triple wrapped plating has a tendency to wear quickly and dissolve after exposure to highly acidic skin, sweat and water. Newer quality replicas have upped the wrapping process to five layers. This is reputed to be good enough to last for over 10 years of regular use.

DON’T SELL A FAKE WATCH AS BEING AUTHENTIC. Even in America, they frown on fraud. And even if you sell your fake watch as a replica, try to be low key. Offer it to acquaintances and avoid things like ebay or craigslist. Don’t be complacent just because you see others doing it. So now armed with this info on fake Swiss watches, I hope you can find the right one(s) that will elevate your status and maybe make you some money when you go back to the USA. It is fun finding ways to fund your holidays here.

Recently, Rolex has begun shipping recent models with a 3-dimensional hologram-encoded sticker on the caseback that has a floating Rolex crown logo to the top of the watch case’s reference number, which is printed in black. Most of the stickers on counterfeit Rolex watches are either solid green or a repetitious ” Rolex ” pattern, instead of a hologram. Some of the replica Rolex watches manufactured in Laos, Vietnam and China from 2006 on have a solid green hologram on the caseback. Prior to 2002 the reference number was printed in gold and the hologram did not have the Rolex crown logo.